Welcome to guest house “Saule”

Guest house Saule is a calm, cozy and homelike place ashore Talsi lake where you are welcome to spend your holidays with family and friends relax after a work week or just rest for the night in comfortable suites. The three-star guest house is located near Talsi lake, that does not separate from city activities, at the same time keeping solitude and discreet atmosphere. On the house terrace you are treated with a great view over Talsi lake to the historical center of the city. During the day sun shines in each and every window of the house rooms. Next to the guest house a great rock garden with ancient country estate decorative plants. Also you are welcome to have a taste of cherries, apples, pears, black-currants and currants, according to season.
Altogether the guest house features six rooms – four 15 square meter apartments on the first floor (rooms 1 to 4) and two 24 square meter apartments on second floor (rooms 5 and 6). Today and olden times naturally co-exist in the design of suites – rooms are furnished with modern materials, but the style is kept from ancient times, the rooms feature restored original more than hundred year old floors from natural wood. Furniture is made from light pine tree wood that greatly adapts into the mood of the house creating pleasant antique ambience. There’s more on apartments of guest house Saule in chapter Rooms.
Guest house Saule was established in 2003.